Selling your home is a big deal. With all the steps involved, it can be overwhelming and cause you to overlook important elements, resulting in some big mistakes. In order to help you avoid doing this, here is a list of some of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when selling their home:

  1. Misunderstanding the costs of selling. Most people are comfortable with the percentage allocated towards the agent’s commission. However, the total cost to sell a home can amount to more than that because you have to consider other costs associated with closing, including repairs and other concessions to the buyer, which can increase the total cost. 
  2. Setting the home at the price you want, which can be very different than what the market will pay. Setting an unrealistic price comes with consequences because if you ask too much, then your home may not sell and will just sit on the market for a very long time. If you ask for too little, then you’re not getting full value, meaning you run the risk of leaving money on the table. Setting an appropriate listing price is tricky but it’s important that you do it right and the price may be different than what you had in mind.
  3. Failing to complete major repairs. A potential buyer is not going to be impressed if the home comes with a long list of things they need to repair after moving in. Remember that major issues will turn up during a home inspection, which most buyers require and that can decrease the value of your home. Make sure nothing is broken or in such poor condition that it may affect the structure or functionality of your home. This will be sure to turn buyers away. 
  4. Not caring about the appearance of the interior or exterior. Preparing your home for sale is a very important step and the cleaner, less cluttered and well decorated a home is, the better your chances are of selling it. Making sure both the interior and exterior of your home are in good condition will make it more appealing to a buyer because they will be able to picture themselves living there.
  5. Failing to be flexible for showings. You must be accommodating to the agent, even if the timing is inconvenient. You may have to vacate your home for several hours, even on weekends, but keep in mind that the person coming to see your home during dinnertime can potentially be the one to buy it, so cooperate and be flexible, even when the timing is not ideal.   

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