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With the warm weather on its way, the kids out of school soon and weekends booking up fast with lots of family fun, the last thing you want to be is tied down every Saturday morning cleaning the house. During the summer months, certain weekly chores can safely lose priority (it’s only for a couple of months!) and there are many ways that you can ‘clean as you go’ during the week to reduce the mess you’re facing come the weekend. Take a look!

Spread out the jobs: The kitchen is likely a room that you spend way too much time in cleaning each weekend. In order to avoid the massive weekend scrub-down, divide your tasks and tackle one each day. On Monday, wipe down the cupboard doors, on Tuesday, clean the oven, on Wednesday, sanitize the microwave, on Thursday clean out the fridge, etc. Also be sure to wash and dry dishes and wipe down the stove, sink and countertops after each and every meal so the mess doesn’t build up.

Keep supplies in each room:  Having furniture polish and a microfiber cloth tucked away somewhere in your living or dining room will make it easier for you to give shelves, tables and other surfaces a quick wipe as you pass through. Keep cleaning supplies in each bathroom as well so that you can wash things down throughout the week when you have a few minutes.

The clutter basket: Keep a good-sized basket out of sight when not in use, perhaps in the laundry or mudroom. Each morning before you leave the house, do a quick walk-through, tossing in the clutter from each room. Ask family members to check for and remove any possessions that have accumulated on a weekly basis – or they go in the trash!

Other easy ways to clean as you go:

  • Multitask by folding laundry while watching your favourite show
  • Spray the shower and tub after each use
  • Invest in some good storage cubes, baskets or shelves near your front entry or in the mudroom
  • Buy a cordless vacuum and keep it charged and close by for quick clean ups
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