It’s a visual world we live in. With today’s technology, people love to scour the internet looking at photos of homes for sale. Listings can be viewed easily on and there’s no doubt that excellent pictures will help sell your home. If you want to attract serious buyers, it’s wise to prepare your home properly and post only high quality pictures.

The exterior shot of your home is of the utmost importance as it will likely be the first photo people see. Great curb appeal is something people look for, even during the winter months. A fantastic exterior shot can make the difference whether or not your property warrants a visit. Take outside photos on an overcast day to avoid dark shadows on your home. Touch up garage doors and paint eaves troughs if necessary. Clean windows and make your front entrance welcoming. Have your driveway, porch and walkway neatly shoveled. Add some winter greens to empty window boxes and make sure recycling/garbage bins are out of sight.

For the interior, little things such as fresh flowers, citrus fruits in a bowl and a lit fireplace make for a desirable picture. Also;

• Clear rooms of clutter. Everything should be in its place.

• Open all blinds, drapes and curtains to allow for maximum natural light.

• Neatly arrange clean towels in the bathroom.

• Put away all toiletries.

• Clear all surfaces in the kitchen, including small appliances.

• Remove magnets/pictures/notes from refrigerator and keep the top clear.

• Hide unnecessary electrical wiring.

• Do not have any pets or pet related items in view.

• Remove personal photographs and family portraits.

Pictures are an important ingredient to any successful real estate marketing campaign, so ensure that your home is being viewed in its very best light.

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